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Length of live Pause on 360?

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On the old V6 box, I seem to recall if you pause a live show, after two hours it would run out of buffer & insist on then playing, two hours behind.

Does anyone know the equivalent for the 360? Is it the same two hours? Is it reliable up to the buffer length?
I'm trying to see if it's 'easier' to pause the three consecutive live shows that make up a Formula 1 race [intro, race itself, post-race show] which naturally flow on one from the other if watching live, vs having to guess when to escape & go to the next recording if I set it up.

Of necessity, I cannot watch it 'absolutely live' today, so will be a couple of hours or so behind.

Last race over-ran by several hours & eventually, because of only being able to set an hour's over-run for each recording, we almost missed the end. We were only saved by the post-race show also having that hour's over-run. On the V6 we would set a 4-hour over-run for any live event like this.


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Very Insightful Person

Hi @Tetsujin28 

If you have a mini box it only pauses for aroudn 3 or 4 minutes so you need to record the program instead.

The main box only pauses for around 2 hours.

Recording on the main 360 you can set the over run to 3 hours. Record >  Advanced options > Extra time before/after

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Hi @newapollo

It is an 'upgraded'* V6 box, so probably the two hours.

There's really a lot I don't trust about this device. The box shows in the 'pictorial' view that it will record every episode, yet if I look in the 'list' view it shows it will record the pre-show 16:30-17:55 then rather than immediately going onto the next show, which runs 17:55 to 20:00 it shows a show which doesn't actually exist, running 19:00-20:00 - that's halfway through the race. It does this whether I set no over-run or three hours.

If I look in the TV Guide, it does show it will record all three shows [plus I added the show afterwards, just in case].

If I look on my phone, none of the F1 shows are listed - but others in Planned are mentioned on both box & phone. [We have only one profile, I removed a second a while ago in case it was the cause of these inconsistencies - it doesn't seem to have been]

This is a bizarre set of inconsistencies - which is why I was going to pause it instead.

*upgraded - I use the term loosely. Everything I ever try to do on it is less convenient or reliable than when it was a TiVo.

Hi Tetsuin28,

If you leave the 360 set to let's say Sky F1 and leave it running I am pretty sure you can rewind up to 3 hours, it may be even longer because it could just depend on how much space you have on your hard drive, the 360 only buffers one channel where the V6 would buffer 6 channels. So you may be able to pause it also for 3 hours, I would only do that if you turn the TV off so you don't run the risk of burning an image on your TV.

I always use Advanced recordings when setting the F1 and add 3 hours to the race this usually get's the after race stuff and Ted's notebook unless there has been a major delay in one continuous recording, you could always add extra time to the 2 after race programmes if think that is not enough or just the last one.

The 19:00-20:00 show is part of the race on Sky Sports main event between Super Sunday and NFL Football, just make sure you have set all your F1 recordings on Sky Sports F1, channel 506.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Tetsujin28 wrote:

*upgraded - I use the term loosely. Everything I ever try to do on it is less convenient or reliable than when it was a TiVo.

The many differences between TiVo/V6 & TV360 are well documented on this forum, and conversions remain entirely voluntary.

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Thanks for the heads up. It had picked up the extra show from Main Event, without me telling it to. I've deleted that now.

However, it still isn't showing the main show in the 'all planned recordings' list. It's got the pre-show & Ted's Notebook, nothing in between. It shows them all in the guide with the red circle & as a series link, just not in Planned.
Because I still don't trust it, I've set the pre-show with 3 hours over-run & Ted's Notebook with 5 mins pre-record & 3 hours over-run - that should cover the time-scale, whatever else happens… I hope 😉 

I've previously mostly been watching 'live-ish' I just pause for half an hour so I can skip the ads, so I'm inexperienced with how it deals with playback of several 'shows' in a row. The TiVo used to make you leave each as it ended, then start the next. The first time I tried watching it as a recording as it reached the end of the allotted time, it would show another hour in the timeline, & a notice to delete or keep. I said Keep every time, because I didn't know whether my over-run would then be part of this show or next show… leaving us eventually hanging onto our seat edges wondering when it would all just stop & we'd miss the end of the seriously over-running race. That was definitely confusing & distracting 😕

@japitts Not very helpful. I've read & contributed to several of those threads. We're stuck with this 360 now, because there's no roll-back. The V6 might have been a clunky interface by comparison, but it was predictable & reliable.