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Large Remote Control

Tuning in

Hi does anyone know if I can get a large TV Remote as my mum is having trouble see the normal size Remote 

Kind Regards 


Hi could you please send me a high contract remote and yes I've downloaded the app but all it does is spin and then saying no Internet I really need a booster box for downstairs 


Hello Linda64.

Thanks for your post.

We can look at sending out a High Contrast remote for your Mum.

Does your Mum live with you are has her own account.

The only thing that stops us doing so is if the account is not flagged as Vulnerable.

Say for example if a customer has a lifeline alarm.

We have all the information here.


Hi mum lives with me she us 85yrs old and going blind. I also have Cancer so at the moment we are not in a good place

Hi @Linda641,

Thank you for expanding. I am very sorry to hear about this.

So that I can assist you further, I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments. Please respond to this when you can and we'll go from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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