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LG and Virgin compatibility issues

Joining in

This is a weird one which is driving me mad!

I had an old Pioneer 428xd plasma and had compatibility issues when I upgraded to the 360 box, the Virgin engineer could only get it to work if we selected 1080i rather than 1080p, he suspected either TV or cable issues. I've now upgraded the TV to a LG G2 bought from John Lewis, the installers couldn't get any decent picture from the virgin box, only through the freeview aerial signal and said I needed a proper TV engineer to resolve the problem.

I should say I have the 360 box and Pioneer blu Ray player connected to a Pioneer receiver SC 1224, and then by a pretty long (apprx 5m) hdmi cable to the TV on the wall.

I've now managed to get the LG working through the 360 if I turn everything on in the order TV, 360, receiver but with a few flickering issues, sometimes a blackout and sometimes some colouration in the top left of the screen. Tonight though the flickering issues were terrible, so I played a blu ray instead which worked perfectly. When I switched the receiver back to the 360 input it also worked perfectly and is still OK.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here and if I need specialist technical help to resolve the problems?



Community elder

Your problem could be due to the fact that your Pioneer receiver doesn't support hdcp 2.2. Try connecting the 360 directly to the TV using a high speed HDMI cable V2.0 or V2.1. Everything in the HDMI chain needs to support hdcp 2 for 4K.



Thanks for replying.

We have tried bypassing the receiver but that didn't help, I did wonder then if the problem was with the hdmi cables. The 5m link cable in the wall beside the receiver to the TV was installed about 15 years ago so it's not latest technology.


Both the 360 box and the Blu Ray are connected to the TV through the same receiver, so if the issue is with the receiver then why does blu Ray work and 360 not?

The hdmi cable out from the 360 box is a 4k cable, I don't think the hdmi from the blu Ray is 4k but it works better?

When you bypassed the receiver did you use the old cable from the receiver to connect to the 360 or the 4k cable. I'm not sure from your post if the 4k cable has only been used between the 360 and receiver.

If your old cable is 15 years old it's probably only 1.4 which doesn't support 4k, V2.0 was launched in 2013.


At the moment I have to use the old cable because it goes underfloor for the 5m or so between the wall mounted TV and the cupboard with all the peripherals in it.

I appreciate this may give problems with 4k, however at the moment it's set for 1080p and struggling with that!

Hello StuartRae.

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Community.

Sorry to read about the poor picture quality after the 360 upgrade.

I don't want to sound lime I am passing the buck at all, But it is definitely recommended to purchase a new cable when you get the chance.

Please keep us updated on this.