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Hi Everyone,

I am currently in the process of moving house. I know the previous occupier had virgin. I have just signed up for the ultimate oomph bundle and will have 2 tv boxes. I am assuming all the wiring will be there for one tv box but what I am concerned about is the second tv box. Does the second tv box have to be wired from where the main tv box is? What I do not want is wiring inside the house. Would the engineer supply the 2nd tv box with a coaxial cable that can be wired outside the house and then in? 


Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Installation


If you have engineer booked then normal process would he would get you connected if they need add more cable or change anything, then will be done on the day the engineer comes to your house.

Please remember some installs are self installs so when you ordered your product or services something isn't right then would give the sales teams a call, ask them make sure the engineer booked to come out install your services.


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Re: Installation

An engineer will run cabling outside where possible for a 2nd box.

Do be aware that currently Virgin aren't 'supposed' to be installing 2nd TV boxes due to the extra evasiveness into personal space within homes and national restrictions in place, so it could be only one box gets done for now.

If I've helped please let me know 🙂 Matt

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