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IPlayer app v lg cx oled app

I thought I would watch the 4k football Italy v. Turkey on the inbuilt iPlayer app and thought to myself this doesn’t look very good ,so switched to my lg cx 65 oled inbuilt iPlayer and the quality is night and day how come ? 

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Re: IPlayer app v lg cx oled app

Did you select the UHD stream on iPlayer on your VM set top box?

I realise you've posted in the 360 forum, however a lot of  people post in the wrong forum, so apologies if it's the correct forum.

If you have the V6 or 360 box then you should be able to watch the 4K feed, however you might have needed to select the Beta version first.

If you only have the older TIVO box then the specs don't do UHD. You can check which set top box you have <<< here >>> 



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