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Humming noise

Joining in

Probably been asked many times but I recently added TV to my package, and the 360 box worked fine up until yesterday, when it started buzzing like a fridge.


Is this a fault or just normal? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Mo84 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


I am so sorry to hear that you have faced issues with your services regarding your 360 box. 


Can I ask if the box is still working but just making a buzz noise? Is the box hot to the touch at all? If so is it out in a well ventilated area? 


Have you tried a hard rest of the box at all? 

The box does not really get warm, but the noise is constant, it's in the living room and heating does come on but it's no better or worse then any one else's living room, in regards ventilation. I called and arranged an engineer visit, they replaced the box, the noise is not as prominent now, but it isn't totally quiet either. 


Must be normal for these boxes.

Also yes everything works fine TV wise, no issues there. The hard reset was done twice on the previous box and made no difference. Let's see how the new box goes. 

Thank you for updating the thread @Mo84,

Did the box make the noise when the engineer was there? What did they advise?
I am glad all services are looking okay.