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Hub 5 & 360 update.

Tuning in

Hi, I recently received the new hub 5 & shortly after, the 360 software upgrade to my V6 box. I find the whole setup to be far inferior to the previous one. Recordings & live TV often freeze & buffer, the interface of all recorded programmes is confusing & poorly organised, Previously, I could look at a list of recorded series & see how many episodes remain etc. & the system now cannot even distinguish between the upstairs & downstairs boxes. I have also lost recordings when powering down the box, which now can’t be retrieved from a deleted programme section. I would like some feedback on these issues in case there is something I am missing, as when I have enough time to wait on hold, I shall be calling to see if the new upgrade can be uninstalled & I can return to the previous system. Thanks for your time & input….G.


Fibre optic

Unfortunately once you have upgraded to the 360 box, you are stuck with it as there is no going back.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.