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How to stop auto-playing recordings?

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Is there a way to turn off the auto-playing of recorded programmes in a series?

I record programmes with 5 minutes padding at the end. However, at the scheduled end of the programme (ie 5 mins before the end of a recording), a pop up appears in the corner counting down to the auto-play of the next recorded episode in that series. I have a very short amount of time to find the remote and stop it doing this. Can it be turned off?

This is a highly irritating setting. It appears at the exact scheduled end of a programme, far too promptly, often before the end credits roll. If I'm not paying attention, the programme cuts off before I've realised. If I'm watching something like a drama, it's rather annoying to have the very end of the show spoiled by a pop up. The auto-play option could be a really useful one, but not when it is unable to wait until the credits roll, and not when it is enforced.

I have found the option to turn off the similarly-timed pop-up that asks if I want to delete a recording (which is irritating in the same way if getting to the climax of an episode!) but cannot find the option to turn-off auto-play.

Please help!




The quick answer is, there is no option to turn the play next episode off, you have already found the ask to delete option off but this annoying feature has been asked about before, the best answer you will get from the forum team is they will forward it up, but then it's up to the software team to prioritize it.

Just keep the remote handy.



You could add ten minutes padding to the end rather than five.

Thanks for your reply, but that would make no difference. The auto-play does not happen 5 minutes before the end of the recording, it happens at the scheduled end of the programme - which so happens to be 5 mins before the end of recording with my settings. Whether the padding was 1 minute or 10 minutes, it would happen at the same set point.

Thanks for your reply, which is the answer I suspected! It would just be good to know how to properly log this as an issue/request with Virgin.