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How to stop auto play next episode

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I am having the same issue that I see was raised last year(see copied post below)… the next episode plays before the end of the one I’m watching. So stupid that it can’t be switched off.

Re: Auto Play next episode

on ‎02-12-2021 19:09

I have the same issue.  The next program starts before the last program ends.  What makes it worse is the you only have 5 seconds to find the remote and turn it off. 

The best solution would be to be able to turn it off, net best would be you have to select yes to make it happen.  If these are impossible then at least give me more time to find the remote and say no.

I have only recently upgraded to the new system and there are so many reason I would like to go back to the old one.  It feels like the user interface was designed by someone who though we would be so impressed by the shiny remote that we wouldn't notice all of the functions that were useful had disappeared and replaced by infuriating multi layered menus. 


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I agree, so annoying. Surely virgin can sort this out quite easily 😡😡

Hi Maxwellpulm,

Thank you for your post. We do appreciate your frustration with this ongoing issue. 

We are working to investigate this. Can you please the following questions:

Can you please confirm is this is happening when you're watching VOD content/recording? Or both?

And can you please confirm the shows that are impacted by this?


  1. It happens with everything I record even when I add time to end of the programme. 

Thank you for that information. 

Can you confirm for if this is just Kids Content or other types as well?


I don’t use kids content. It is any programme on normal tv (various channels); I have added 5 or 10 minutes to end of each programme but it doesn’t seem to continue till the end including 5/10 minutes. It generally wants to delete or stop either at credits or just before.

last time was on bbc watching Chris & Rosie Ramsey show; it cut off about 2 minutes before end; I had to catch up on iPlayer to see the ending despite my recoding showing it still had 10 minutes or more left on recording. 

im still also having issues watching recorded content on my iPad despite reporting it many months ago…can you look into that as not heard anything for a while. Someone did take all the details in here from virgin but still happening