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How long does it take to activate UHD sky sports?

Tuning in

I upgraded to UHD Sky Sports and received a confirmation email a week ago saying I'd get another email soon telling me when it would be activated. I haven't had any more emails and the channels are greyed out in the guide. Should I expect to wait longer, or has something gone wrong?




Hi @urefos, thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Thanks for confirming that your channels are now fully active and thanks for the feedback regarding the upscaling. I will pass this on to the relevant teams. Remember, if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand. Please bear in mind, you can manage your account from here. Your online account, will give you access to your bills, show your package details, diagnose any possible faults and monitor any orders and appointments you may have. 

On our wavelength

Can anyone assist me with this I signed up for this offer 08/06 spoke via the phone today no record of the order and advisor said they couldn’t do anything as not aware of the promotion 




Joining in

Well at least you got a confirmation email👍. I signed up to sky sports UHD last Thursday and the channels are greyed out. After MANY phone calls, plus sending I engineer out that I told them would be useless as it’s their problem at base. Engineer phoned them to tell them the same. I was told 7 days, it’s now eight. Phoned them yesterday for an update, it was unreal……. I was asked what television I had, I told the guy I have a LG B1. He then said, well that could be the problem BECAUSE ITS 4K. What the …… I realised then I was talking to ANOTHER person that does not understand his job.  UHD is designed for 4K television grrr. You would not believe the incompetence of some of the people to regarding this matter. I’m not being big headed, but I hate phoning them as I know the tech more than they do and I’m iknocking on a bit.

Hi @Danny790,

Thanks for your post. 

I am sorry you've not had the best experience with our team in relation to this.

How did they leave things with you?

Has an IT ticket been raised with our support team?

Forum Team

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well, despite reporting it 24hrs after agreeing to it, 12/05/2023 I’ve been told they didn’t receive the ticket ( fault ) until the 15th, so after 3-5 working days I’ve been told it will be fixed plus a phone call. I’ve also been told lies, they have told me that the “ have never experienced such a fault so it will take time for the IT department to fix”, yet you only only have to look at the posts on here to find that it’s widespread. Plus, when I’m told that the fault could be because I have a 4K TV was unbelievable “ Jeff”….. honestly it makes me wonder how certain people get these jobs.

Well you should tell them to look at the recordings of your previous calls. Don’t be surprised if they can’t find it, I had it with a electric & gas supplier, they discovered 8 of 9 phone calls and said the missing phone call was inaudible, I still managed to get £50 compensation and the bill written off. They were chasing me for a bill that wasn’t mine

I'm going to pop you a PM 📩 so I can take a closer look into this for you. 


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs