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How can i get internet based TV in my house?

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im currently with virgin for tv and broadband, trying to cut costs atm and decided i didnt really need TV as only use it for a few tv shows which i could watch live on the smart TV apps or get on catch up such as ITVX but i find its helpful if im watching it live to be able to have it recorded so i can pause it or fastforward the adverts etc. i tried multiple different freeview aerials and nothing would give me a decent picture and signal was rubbish.

Ive been looking at getting toob broadband with a sky stream puck so i can watch freeview over an internet connection however it seems a bit silly paying £26 a month for sky just so i can watch free to view channels.

then i saw BT have a BT TV pro box which streams freeview channels over the internet and it can record them too! but looking into it i would need to get a BT Tv subscription to be able to have one but they dont have a tv only package and their internet in my area is shockingly slow at 50mb, whereas im used to having 500mbps with virgin.

i researched it and if i bought a BT TV pro box by itself it apparently wouldnt work for streaming internet based freeview? is there any other alternatives i havent explored, ive been looking at different IPTV providers but they seem to be american based channels or they wont let me record anything


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Very Insightful Person

You should consider cancelling your current TV product from Virgin Media and taking the Virgin Media Stream product, which is what you need, although it doesn’t allow recording.

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Very Insightful Person

Do you have a satellite dish? If so it may be worthwhile looking at buying a recordable freesat box

If you have a satellite dish and a TV with a built in satellite tuner (many LG' s have this) then you could use that  to watch the free to air channels and record programs on a usb stick or hard drive.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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