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Guide shows wrong day

On our wavelength

The Guide shows Today as Tomorrow and Yesterday as Today. Can this be corrected?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello DonBar.

Thank you for bringing the guide error to our attention.

I know you have posted this 24 hours ago so just wanted see if the sates are still wrong?

It's a strange one to be honest.

Do you have additional boxes that is happening on?

What set top box do you have?




On our wavelength

We have a minibox and that works OK.

I attach two photos, taken this morning, which show the problem.

Thanks for your helpIMG_20230801_113853.jpgIMG_20230801_113826.jpg

Thank you for sending these pictures over for me.

Please can you unplug them both and plug them back, wait around 5 mins before you do plug them back in.

Also when you click on the one showing the wrong information does it show the right programme and play okay? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

On our wavelength

I have done that and it is OK now but I have done that before and it has reverted.

I will contact you if it recurs again.

Thanks for your help

Thank you Donbar and please do let us know if you need any further help.