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Give up trying to get TV from Virgin!

I’ve been trying to get TV from Virgin for a couple months now, and so first tried to get Virgin Stream - of course this never worked with errors trying to get subscriptions added as well as never working online to add subscriptions.

So I rang up and bit my tongue and recontracted and got 360! All went without a hitch the order process and took longer because of the queen’s jubilee!

Went to install it yesterday and the box says “Account error CS1011 - We’re unable to retrieve your account details. Please contact us.”

I’ve been told that there’s no ETA on it being fixed and right now I’m about to throw in the towel - I’m so annoyed with Virgin right now and even have complained once to Virgin executive about this but the annoying thing is the woman who works on my case only rings me before 2pm and as I work late I never make the call!

Think I’ll just have to order from BT TV

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Re: Give up trying to get TV from Virgin!

Hi @joebloggs 

Unlike the Stream box, the 360 needs connected to the white coaxial cable and also an internet connection.

CS1011 is an account retreival error, due to either the 360 not being fully set up on VM's systems yet, or possibly because the box hasn't been activated.

It's more than likely because the VM's won't allow both a Stream box and any other VM TV set top box to be on the same account.

It will probably need 2nd level support to perfom the necessary work. The Stream box will probably need removing from your account before the 360 can be added and activated.

You could try calling 0800 953 9500 to activate the 360 box -  you will need the box serial number, and your account and area number


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Re: Give up trying to get TV from Virgin!

Thanks for the info i will try to figure it out for more

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