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Finding UHD Content

Am I missing something? Why is it so hard to find UHD content on V360?

E.g. The Lost Symbol

Previously, when you searched a programme on Catch Up, it would show the format (e.g. Sky Max HD) and show other formats available underneath (e.g. Sky Max/Sky Pick/Sky Showcase HD/Sky UHD). It was a matter of simply choosing the format you wanted.

Now, using the programme above as an example, using voice search it shows as Sky Max and underneath also shows as being available on Sky Max HD. The only way to find the UHD version is to search using many, many clicks via the On Demand menu. Why has this changed? Now, when searching for something, it's not even clear that a UHD version even exists.

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Re: Finding UHD Content

Hi @Anonymous 

Have you tried  Home > Box Sets & Movies > Box Sets > scroll down to Sky On Demand UHD > OK 

From there you can scroll through as it is or use the Sort By: feature at the top of the screen to sort by Date, Popularity, A-Z or Release Year

The Lost Symbol UHD version is listed/titled Don Brown's The Lost Symbol 


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Re: Finding UHD Content

Hi. I have tried that but it just seems so long-winded. Did it change in a recent update, because before, you could just choose which format to watch from the programme’s info screen. 

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Re: Finding UHD Content

Try the following.

Voice search the program, click on the show, then go to more about series, you will find all available channels and UHD that the show is on.


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Re: Finding UHD Content

Yup the interface for finding stuff is very convoluted on VM, but generally I find if I add the program I have searched for to watchlist the I can go into saved -> watchlist -> program of choice and select about series then it shows all the places various episodes are stored

Scroll along to the UHD one and get watching, once you have watched one in UHD you can typically pick up the next episode automatically UHD in the saved ->continue watching tab which is one saving grace.

Its a really poor GUI and could really do with the ability to record UHD as Sky does it, where you know it is not really recording it just downloading it to your box but at least it is there and a default option with Sky.rather than VMs setup where you need to go on the Episode hunt.