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Faulty Hard Drive - box is not buffering live TV channel

Joining in

This has happened a few times now, that I am unable to use the rewind option to go back during viewing a live TV program as it does't seem to be recxording to the hard disk.

If I press pause and leave on for a while, when I press play, it goes straight back to live TV.

The last few times I've done a system reset and this has fixed it for a while though one time, upon one tv box reset, I got the error about not able to find a hard drive, CS6002.As I'm now onto the 4th of 5th time doing this I would like to request a repalcement 360 box.

Help appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello craig_a_j


Sorry to hear of the service issues experienced with your TV set top box and recordings, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


We have help here in regards to TV360, there is support here for TV issues in general. Do you have more than one set top box? If so, does this happen across the other box as well?



Hi Rob,

I have just the single TV box.

currently it’s decided to “behave” again and I can pause/rewind live TV again.

I’ve not performed any reboots/resets/power cycling on the device, it’s just started working as expected again.

Hi @craig_a_j,

Thanks for the update and glad to hear it's working as it should again.

If there's any further issues, let us know. 

Have a lovely weekend 😊

Forum Team

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