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Ethernet Cable

Dialled in

I have just noticed that my ethernet cable does not appear to be attached to both hubs.  The cable is attached to the new fibre hub but not to the other box.  Hopefully these photos will explain better as I am not very technical when it comes to these matters:

ethernet cable 1.jpgether 2.jpgether cable 3.jpg


Accepted Solutions

Apologies Matilda001, can yo try the below-

  1. Select Start menu in your taskbar at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Go to 'Settings' and then 'Network & Internet'.
  3. Select 'WiFi' on the left menu, then select 'Manage known networks'.
  4. Select the network you want to remove, then click 'Forget'

Once you've done this, to reconnect select the Network or Wifi icon in the notification area and choose your WiFi network which will be detailed on your hub.


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Dialled in

It just appears odd that the ethernet cable is only attached to one box?  Anyone of a technical nature that could shed any light on whether this is normal?  Thanks in advance.

Hi Matilda001,

The ethernet cable would normally be plugged into the back of the 360 box, if your TV guide is always up to date and you can use the apps such as iPlayer then I would say someone has removed the cable and connected you to the hub by WiFi. A cable connection is always the preferred connection and if it reaches the 360 box plug it in.

If things stop working with the cable connected it might have been removed because either the cable or port on your hub is faulty, I would connect it and see, if you then have any problems update this thread.


Thank you so much for the response.  I have a few ongoing issues with VM at the moment, and I dread to think what might happen if I attempt to plug the Ethernet cable in.  If I do, does it go into the yellow connection port as shown on my photo?  I have lost the ability to cast from my laptop to my tv since the fibre hub was installed, and am wondering if this cable not being connected could be the reason or maybe its nothing to do with that.  I am hopeless with these matters, I might give that a go tomorrow.  It just seems odd to have a cable attached to only one of the boxes.   Really appreciate your response and I will attempt to connect it and just hope it doesn't affect any of my features.

Thanks again.

Yes it does plug into the yellow connector, it might have been removed to connect by WiFi for some reason, if you have the ethernet cable plugged in it stops the box connecting by WiFi because it defaults to the wired connection.

The most reliable and should be the fastest is by having the ethernet cable connected. If you have problems connected by the cable then it might be faulty and that's why it's been removed.


An engineer was up on Thursday to look at various issues I have been having since the fibre hub was installed, including the loss of the ability to cast to my tv from my laptop.  I would hope he had checked that the connection were all working as that was the purpose of his visit.  I will plug the ethernet cable in tomorrow and see if that makes a difference.  The engineer couldn't figure out why I have lost the ability to cast to my tv and he was going to speak to some of his colleagues to see if they could explain it.  Perhaps it's because this ethernet cable wasn't connected.  Anyway, again thanks so much for taking the time to comment.  I will update with how I get on, but if anything else goes wrong I am going to have to go on holiday for a few weeks to recuperate.  Lol.......thanks...

The connection between the 360 and hub shouldn't stop you casting between your laptop and TV unless you are trying to cast Virgin from your laptop to the TV, (not allowed I believe).

If it's a new hub has the TV been connected to the new Hub's WiFi. I assume the laptop has if you have internet access.



Alessandro Volta

To be able to cast the TV must on the VM network as well. Have you changed the TV's WiFi's connection to the hub?

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection


The engineer checked all my internet/fibre hub connections on Thursday.  When I play you tube videos on my laptop, an icon at the bottom of the screen previously showed as a small square box with ';play on tv' (cast).  Since the new fibre hub was installed I can no longer cast you tube videos from my tv but I can from my mobile.  I used to be able to get round that by turning off the VPN which made the 'play on tv/icast' icon appear, but that no longer works and I cannot play you videos directly from my laptop to my tv.   Thankfully I have managed to figure out how to get You Tube to connect from my mobile, but it was more convenient to be able to cast directly from my laptop.  The engineer was very puzzled by this and is apparently looking into it.  anyway, thank you so much for your response. If I get this resolved I will update.

Thanks again


For YouTube you could just use the 360's YouTube app, press Home and then go to to Apps.

It might be that the laptop and TV are connected on different Wi-Fi bands, 2.4ghz and 5ghz, if you have another ethernet cable you could connect the TV to the hub using that and see if it fixes your problem.