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Error cs6031

Joining in

Hi everyone. 

had an engineer replace our master box this morning. Now our mini box in the bedroom won’t let me record programs from it I have to do it from the master box of I want to record stuff is there a way I can resolve this. I can playback recordings on the mini box but it won’t let me actually store a recording but I could before the new master was installed. 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @chrislovevdub 

I've moved your post from the V6 to the Tv360 forum.  The V6 doesn't have any error codes beginning CS - they are reserved for 360 and Stream boxes.

Mini boxes don't have have hard drives, only the main (master) box has a hard drive, however you should be able to set recordings using both boxes.

Have you tried rebooting the mini box so it searches for the new main box and tried to make a new connection?

You might need to reboot both boxes.


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