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Dolby Atmos on V360

On our wavelength

I've noticed when using the Disney + app on my V360 box, some of the programmes are not offering Atmos playback yet the Disney + app when accessed via other equipment I have (LG TV, Firestick), does allow Atmos playback. The V360 does allow Atmos playback on Netflix so why not Disney +?


On our wavelength


Thanks again for your reply.

This problem is more sinister than I thought.  This evening (29 9 22), I used Netflix on the V360 box & I found that all the programmes I had previously watched in Atmos via the V360 are no longer in Atmos.  It's not that my equipment isn't decoding Atmos, the programmes are no longer stating they are Atmos, they are merely advertised as 5:1.  It's as though the app has reverted to the app I had on the old V6 system.  What's going on here?

Hi Betanski,

Thanks for your reply, I am sorry you're still dealing with this issue that Adri helped you with a few days ago. 

As it's been some time since you last posted about this, could you tell me if there has been any further update on the situation please?

If the issue is still occurring, please reboot the box to see if the Atmos option is now available.