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Does 360 have Series link? And other questions.

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I have 2 V6 boxes and need to know some things before upgrading*. 

We don't use the box much as we don't watch much live TV and because the V6 Remote is Unbelievably horrible and the UI is terrible too.  So the 360 UI and remote look much better. 
All we use the boxes for really to series link record stuff and then come back to it later.  but I understand that is difficult now - and there is no series link messenger? 
I read somewhere you can't rewind far? like 5 mins? Is that True? 
What the stuff can't the 360 UI do compared to V6? 
Should I have to pay anything - I am on the top Volt package with everything. 

*Not that I can actually get anyone to sort it out for me.  Spoke to 2 people who failed to sort it.   Then another that wanted to charge me £35?   Then got diverted to a chat and they said they had done it but nope, they failed too and chat transferred me to someone else who has not answered.   So here I am. 



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Hi prowl,

Yes you can set series links,  it's best to select the Advanced options when setting a series link.

As an example the options would be something like This Episode only, From this episode onwards, All from series X only, All from series X and onwards, New episodes only and All available episodes.

Big difference between the V6 and 360 is the V6 would record a series across different channels the 360 only records on the channel the series link is set on. Also there is no series link manager so you can't see which series links you have are active unless there is a planned recording.

You can rewind on a 360 master box with hard drive up to 3 hours, possibly longer depending on available space on the hard drive but I haven't checked this myself. If you have a 360 mini box you can only rewind about 3-5 mins as it has no hard drive if you need to pause for longer then you just press record and it will use the hard drive on the master box. There are also no wishlists, a lot of the TiVo software features are patented so can't be used on the 360 which uses Virgins parent company (Global Media) Horizon software, if there are certain features you use do a quick search on the Forum

I believe it was £25 for the remotes without the need to change your package, if you speak to someone about a new contract you might get offered the switch to 360 for free but don't hold me to that.


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Very Insightful Person

TV360 is a lot more focused on apps & streaming services, it has series links but they are more basic than V6 (running TiVo-software). Calling it an upgrade is also slightly misleading, in the same way as converting from Apple to Android (or vice versa) is an upgrade. It's a conversion - from one software platform to another.

V6 offers multi-channel series links which TV360 doesn't, it also offers more tweaks with "new only, new & reruns" etc.

If all you want is to record "new programmes" on a single channel, TV360 will probably be fine. Also be aware, TV360 only allows you to create a series link when a programme is in the TV Guide, V6 allows you to set a SL from a single OnDemand episode.

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