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Do I upgrade?

I have just discovered that I appear to be eligible to switch to the V360 box (Ultimate Oomph customer), the question is, should I?

I believe one of the big issues at the moment is the problem with "New only" missing from series links, is that still an issue? How annoying is it?

My main reason for considering switching is that I have issues with HDCP on the current box which prevent me watching most on demand, Netflix, Amazon etc. despite all my kit being 4K HDCP 2.2 compliant and working fine with every other device I've ever tried. Does anyone know if the 360 is any better in that regard, or is that likely to be a hardware issue rather than software?

The biggest thing holding me back is the lack of wishlists, as I really like that functionality (though realise I'm going to lose it eventually when the forced switch over comes), so just wondering what the general opinion is, does the box work OK at the moment, are there any stand out benefits or downsides that I haven't covered? I guess losing my recordings would also be annoying! Also, just thought, can series links be transferred over or do they all have to be re-entered manually?

The main points in the box's favour are the HDCP thing (if it will help) and the fact that at the moment it sounds like I might get a software upgrade on both my V6 boxes, rather than 1 upgrade and a mini-box, so keeping the recording space, but that might change in the future. 


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Re: Do I upgrade?

I would have a read through this thread from the very beginning :

Solved: TV 360 - A Step Backwards - Virgin Media Community - 4444945


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