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Delete Recording but keep Series (360)

Tuning in

We have Virgin 360. My other half watches Eastenders and Coronation Street and these are on Series Record. We now have loads of watched episodes that I want to delete, but the only options I have is:

Delete Recording
Delete all & cancel future recordings

Why isn't there a third option to delete all but KEEP future recordings?


Community elder

Go to Recordings, Recorded, View All, Manage Storage, Fast clean-up options and see if any of the options there are of any use to you. Also if you start deleting several of the episodes the 360 does then offer you a fast delete option, unfortunately I can't remember what the option is as it was some time back and the software has been updated since (a few times), so might have changed.


Thanks for your reply. 

I've checked the options under the Manage Storage menu as you suggested, but none of the options are quite what I'm looking for right now, but could be useful in the future, so thanks for that.

It's weird, because on some other series that have been recorded, such as "Vera" or "Silent Witness", there is a third option, "Delete entire series". It seems that this option is not available for soaps, which is strange because that would be really useful with 3 or 4 recordings a week for that nonsense! 😉

Oh, well; maybe in a future update?

Thanks again for your prompt reply.