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Damage to my house!

Joining in
  • So dissatisfied and upset! The first thing I said to the tec when he came to install was take it easy in the walls as we have just fixed a damp issue he said yes don’t worry we use all the correct equipment! For me to walk out side and see the image all over my house! The render is all broken drill holes every where for a little tac! I am absolutely guttered and what’s worse he had a guy come round with him to watch him ..who did nothing but sit in the van name of Kyle! He came out for all of two seconds! How he said that was ok I don’t know! I could sit and cry it’s a mess! There not just one of these this is all over my house! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @katenandy11 👋

Thanks for your post on our forum. We are sorry to here that you have had these issues with your recent installation 😢. We would need to invite you to a private message in order to get arrangements made for our team to return to your home and assess the damage that has been made and to have a discussion with you. 

Please look out for a private message in the purple envelope (top right), it will be to confirm some details so we can look into this.