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Just for everyone’s info, call centre staff not being trained properly. I had the email for the new 360 box, accepted it and took delivery, only one box arrived and I was expecting two as I have an additional box, rang VM took over 35 mins to get connected, the lady was very good said I had received the mini box and would order me the main box, next day I rang again to check the correct box had been ordered and after the lady spent a long time checking assured me a main box had been ordered.this morning I received a remote control!! Another 40 minutes to get connected and today’s contact told me that my existing box would be my main box and only needed an update. This information turned out to be correct, so what were the first two agents talking about sending me a missing box for ? It seems that the first two people had no clue at all what was going on , I was skeptical about today’s advice but it turned out to be correct. So everyone, don’t throw your existing boxes away when the new one arrives, the new one could be the mini box and your existing box stays as the main box. All good eventually but what the heck?????

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