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Cs9994 error again on 360 box

Joining in

Since upgrading to a hub 5 earlier this year, this Cs error is happening on a weekly basis, sometimes it sorts itself with a reboot, most of the time it does not and inexplicably sorts itself by the next time I use the box , it's down at the moment and I have booked an engineer in 5 days time. Thought I would ask on here if there are any suggestions other than unplug everything and keep turning it on and off again randomly in the hope that it sorts itself out somehow.  Never had this with the hub 3 and 360 combo ( like once in a  year perhaps, fixed with a reboot)  


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Hello Dk77,

Hope you are keeping well.

Just a quick message to see how the visit went?

What did the engineer advise?


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Dk77, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are getting this error all the time.

I understand this is very frustrating but if a tech has been booked in this will be the only way of getting this fixed.

As for a short term fix all you could do is keep unplugging it which I know can be quite frustrating. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Appreciate the response,  fingers crossed for the engineer 

Hello Dk77,

Hope you are keeping well.

Just a quick message to see how the visit went?

What did the engineer advise?


Hi Gareth , really appreciate you checking back, was not expecting that. Thankfully the CS error was in place when the engineer arrived , a restart did not fix it . So he swapped the hub for another and changed the cables from the splitter to the hub and 360 . He also reckoned that one or both of my network switches may be a problem as well ( one Netgear and one tplink) so to diagnose them I will plug them in and run for a while and see. He also ordered another WiFi pod so I can get rid of the extra tenda router I had elsewhere in the house to extend coverage.  It's all working at the moment just need to do a tidy up and relink a load of devices to the virgin hub once the other pod arrives .  Will probably get another Netgear managed switch instead of the tp link,as It was always flakey at staying at 1gb speeds anyway. 


Hi Dk77,

Thank you for the update, glad to hear everything is looking OK since the Technician came and changed a few things for you, if you need any further help please do not hesitate to reach back out.



Hi Matt, not sure if this is the right way to do this or a new post, but the cs9994 error is back again, however this time it definitely seems to be solely down to the Lan connections not managing to get internet via the Hub 5 . This happens every time the hub 5 has to restart, we had a power cut last night only for a second so it rebooted, WiFi and Lan connections were all working fine beforehand. Now after the reboot only the WiFi is working , nothing that's directly plugged in via a LAN cable ( in any port) either via a switch or not will work , one exception is another outdoor router, which is connected to a switch first still works and offers WiFi,  but the TV box, the Xbox, the pc, the amp none them them believe they can get internet, interestingly, just unplugged the Lan cable on the Xbox, and it then connects via WiFi and is working, plug cable back in and it then says there is no internet via the Hub.  So something is happening with IP or DNS settings or something at the Hub end, when this happens  it somehow fixes itself a day or two later without me doing anything which just makes no sense to me at all. Any troubleshooting you can suggest for this as it's baffling. 


Hey @Dk77,

Thanks for coming back to us.

Sorry to hear that this has come back and continues to affect you, have you ran any checks on our Connect app at all? This allows you to see all connections to the Hub and if they are WIFI or wired, thus should allow you to see if there are any specific issues with the LAN cables.