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Cs2117 not listed and cannot get through to support

Tuning in

Hi, my tivo box has stopped being able to playback recordings, record or pause. Code is c2117 but then reboots. Support sends me to a page without that code, 150 sends me to live chat who texts me what's app and then sticks me in a loop to wait and wait 😩

Pretty sure from googling it's the hard drive. How do I log a call for an engineer? Spent 2 hours trying so far. 

I've also got an unrelated issue wuth broadband I'm trying to get help with but having the same problems (another post in the correct forum for That).


Can anyone help? 🤞


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Griffin29 

The issue may be connected with your internet problems as posted <here>   and as per the broadband help you should your cabling. CS2217 error code  doesn't apply to tivo boxes, only to TV360 and stream boxes as per the online error code page

/tv-error-codes/tv-error-code/cs2217   Code CS2217 means that this TV service is temporarily unavailable

Turn the TV box off at the wall, check all the cables are firmly plugged in to the TV box, and then turn it back on. 

Do you just have the one (main) 360 box, or do you also have a mini box?   If you have both boxes then check the power setting on the main box. Go to Home > Settings > System > Standby Power Consumption. If it's on Eco (slow start) change it to either Fast Start or Active Start.

Both boxes must be on the same network as your hub. If you have an extender etc it can cause a conflict resulting in this issue.

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