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Couple of Netflix App issues

1. While browsing shows on the Netflix app more often than not the trailer/preview for the show that starts auto playing just stops playing after about 2 seconds? 

2. While watching some shows when an episode gets near the end (about 1min away) the little 'watch next episode' button pops up but right away the show just stops playing and I get sent back to the main menu or sometimes the next show just starts playing immediately so I miss the end of the show. Even if I manually go back and try to watch the end of that episode usually the same thing happens again?

Neither of these issues happen if I watch Netflix through my smart TV, I'd prefer to watch Netflix through my 360 box because it's a bit snappier and faster than my smart TV and I like being able to use the 360's remote control and it's handy having Netflix integrated into the 360's menus etc. 

Anyone else have this issues or know how to fix them?

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