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Constantly showing volume

Tuning in

I'm a new Virgin 360 TV customer. My setup is a Fire TV with Sonos soundbar via ARC. While the virgin box is switched on it keeps showing the TV volume level about every 12 seconds. It is happening even if I'm not watching Virgin TV. Switch off the virgin box and it stops. Anybody else had this and solved it? 


Community elder

Possibly a HDMI handshaking issue, have a look at this thread from message 24, different symptoms but the problem might be related they used a 'CEC Less' adaptor to cure their problem. Can you turn off the HDMI control on the TV's HDMI input the 360 is connected to to see if it makes any difference.


Spot on, that solved it thanks a lot. Turned off CEC on TV. I can only do it for the whole TV and not per port. If it affects Sky or Sonos I will buy a CEC less adaptor just for the virgin box. 

So turning off CEC meant we couldn't control the TV volume from Sonos and also the TV wouldn't come on with sky box. So I bought a Lindy CEC cut adaptor from Amazon for a £10 and put it in line with the Virgin HDMI, all sorted.