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Cons of Virgin 360

Up to speed

Got my v6 box upgraded to 360. Feel like it's a step back.  

1 No wishlists 

2 No auto recording of suggestions

3 Fast forward jumping back a bit so you don't miss anything 

4 Undeleting not available

5 Completely different format that take a bit of getting used to.

6 Mini guide.  Could have this up, watching a channel and browse other channels. 360 has guide but not the same.

7 Quick view.  This was great.  

8 Without using voice, it's a few clicks to get into recordings, where's as old box one button took you straight there.

Can these be noted so if there is another update, maybe get them back.  Hope I've not forgot anything.

Wish I had not updated. Would go back if I could, but heard I can't. If I can, let me know. Don't like it.








On our wavelength

Yes the lack of an undelete is very disappointing as is the inability to save upcoming shows which are not yet listed in the EPG! That is vital so you don't need to keep looking for new series of old favourites to start. 

It all seems a bit half baked and not ready yet for rollout! 

Quite agree. Wish I could go back or hope they can improve it. Give us back all our old stuff. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Given that converting a V6 into a TV360 is completely voluntary, I think most of the points you've mentioned have been well documented on this forum as being different to TiVo-software.

And no, you can't go back to TiVo/V6 once converted. I'm sure some of the missing features will appear in time, but you're comparing a software platform that is still developing with a very mature & stable one in TiVo.

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