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Connection issues

Tuning in

For the last few days my box won’t connect.

I have to unplug all my connections and reconnect several times, before the broadband kicks in and I can then watch TV. This can take upwards of 90 minutes or more. 

Furthermore I can’t record anything, as I see a message saying the storage is full, and I need to delete existing recordings before I can record new ones. However, when I go to delete, it says there are no recordings to delete!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Live TV doesn't use the internet, are you referring to OnDemand or streaming usage? This uses the internet.

Do you get any error codes/messages on live TV? That would help diagnose the potential issue.

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Thanks for your speedy response. When it comes to all things technical, I am not up there with the best! Let me start again if I may. Every morning using my Virgin TV 360 remote I press the top left TV button and the top right Power button and, normally, everything is OK. I can use the Virgin remote to either switch to the terrestrial TV option and then use my Sony TV remote to navigate and select channels, or use the Virgin remote to select and watch my Virgin TV channels. The problem is as I mentioned, for the last few days when I press the buttons the broadband is not kicking in automatically and I have to repeatedly disconnect everything in the hope that once I reconnect everything, then all will be fine, which in some cases takes 5 or 6 attempts. There is also the recording problem with having neither any recordings, nor, apparently, any storage space available.

Thanks again.

Hi @BBRIFLCL, thank you for your posts.

We're sorry to hear about the problems you're experiencing 😔

When you refer to pressing buttons and the broadband not kicking in, which buttons do you mean exactly?

Also, as @japitts has asked, are you getting any error codes or messages on the screen in relation to either issue?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience. 


Every night using my Virgin TV 360 remote, I press the top left, white,TV button, and the top right, red, power button to close down. I repeat the procedure every morning to power up again, and, normally, the TV turns on no problem. For the last few days, I press the white TV button and the TV ON light displays along the bottom of the TV screen, but when I press the red, power button, nothing happens. The TV doesn’t turn on. I have to then turn the electric off at the wall socket, disconnect the various cables, turn the electric back on and reconnect the cables again. At this point, without pressing any of the previously mentioned 360 remote buttons, the hub automatically starts its booting up procedure, flashing lights and so on, and the light on the 360 TV box displays orange. A message, the word Welcome, white text on black background, displays in several languages on the TV screen. I don’t see any other messages, error or otherwise. Previous to the current problem, another different message used to display whilst everything was starting up, again in several languages. I can’t remember the exact verbiage, but it was certainly more than the one word Welcome, and everything used to start up fine. Now, once the hub has ‘done its stuff’ the bottom light on it displays yellow, and the light on the 360 TV box stays orange. And that’s it, the TV doesn’t start, and I have to repeatedly, sometimes 5 or 6 times, switch off the electric, disconnect, reconnect and off we go again, until eventually, as if by magic, perhaps an hour later, the TV turns on again. I should point out that even though the broadband doesn’t seem to be kicking in for the hub/TV box, my iPad and both mine and my wife’s iPhones can access the internet, until of course I have to turn off the wall socket, which kills the signal. This morning was a good morning. It only took 4 restarts, about 45 minutes 😟.

Thanks for your response.

Hi @BBRIFLCL, thank you for your response.

The fact your other devices are connecting fine would suggest there isn't a problem with the broadband.

After the box has gone through its starting up process, are you just getting a blank screen in most instances?


Once the startup routine if finished, the Welcome message clears, and a small box appears in the bottom right hand corner of the TV screen alluding to not being connected. I am sure that tomorrow I will have the same issues so I’ll take a photo and forward it to you.

 As I have said I’m not really tech savvy, but I mentioned the problem to my grandson who is quite clued up. He suggested maybe the system has reverted to an old startup routine, and isn’t finding the most recent. That could be why the single word Welcome message is showing. Also, there is the issue with recordings. Saying I have none, when in fact I know I have recorded several this year, but when I attempt to record anything now, the system says my storage is full, and I need to delete some to free up some space. But there is nothing to delete. Very odd 🤔

Hi @BBRIFLCL, thank you for clarifying that.

Please send us a photo at your earliest convenience and we'll do our very best to help.

The message in the small box you've referred to will most likely help us establish where the problem lies.


This morning I have carried out the usual routine to start things up.

I press the white TV button and the TV ON light displays below the TV screen, but when I press the red, power button, the TV screen display is blank apart from a small message box in the bottle right hand corner. I have taken a picture, but I don’t know how to attach it to this mail!
The message box displays a yellow triangle symbol ⚠️ and the message reads: No signal. Check the external input or select another input using the INPUT button.

The light on the hub is yellow, and the light on the TV box is red.

Thanks again.

Thank you @BBRIFLCL 

Are you able to pop the set top box on so we can run some checks?