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Connecting a soundbar?

Joining in

Hi I have just bought a 9.1 surround system. Currently I have the setup going: 

Soundbar HDMI out —-> TV HDMI ARC

This works with no issues but I’m told I should have a HDMI from the virgin box to the soundbar also even though it’s working, what benefits does this have? Also I need to know what audio output my virgin box should be on: 

Follow content, PCM 2.0 or PCM 5.1?

Appreciate any feedback 


Up to speed

I'd always use the Toslink/Spdif out from the box into the soundbar (if it has an optical input).

Thanks I’ll give it a go, regards to the audio output on the virgin box which setting should it be set to? 


You need to use HDMI and 'Follow Content' for any bitstream audio like Dolby Atmos where it's available on content.

Optical doesn't support Dolby Atmos.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Morning @JackBrown, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Do please follow the advice offered by your fellow Forum users and please confirm if this has been successful in ensuring that the sound bar is connected and working as it should.

Any further questions, feel free to drop them in this thread, or speak to the manufacturer directly.

Kindest regards,



I use HDMI cable, via eArc to my Sonos ARC and follow content on the 360 settings 

As stated earlier optical doesn’t support Atmos

Fibre optic

I know about the limitations of optical (toslink) from a sound perspective. What sound output does the HDMI route support for the 360 box. Atmos has been mentioned. I though it just delivered 5.1/DD or at least there were issues with some of the apps.

I use the native apps on my TV to deliver Atmos etc via earc but do not get the same capability on the 360 when connected directly to the amp via HDMI (and yes its a decent HDMI cable and also a new 4k/8k amp with Atmos).