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Channel preview ticker bar when not watching live TV

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How do you get the TV program preview bar up on screen to see what upcoming programs are on the channel you are currently watching when you are not watching live TV (i.e you have paused what you are watching and are now watching it behind real time) and also how to see what is on other channels without having to go into the TV guide??? (Unable to upload photo examples of the screens I am referring to as file size is too big)


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If you mean the channel display you get when you press the OK button when viewing live TV, then I think this isn't available because when you press the pause button or are watching with a delay basically you are now accessing the hard drive and watching a recording.


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Yes it's an extremely poor design fault isn't it and very annoying!! Especially when SKY PLUS HD was able to do this over 10 years ago!!!

I am sure you can find problems with both Virgin and Sky that some people don't like, I find that when I put the Sky box at my daughter's it starts on the Home screen not a TV channel.


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My SKY Plus HD box starts on the last channel I was watching so that's a but odd that your daughter's doesnt? (Are you referring to SKY Q maybe as I know that's also very quirky and non user friendly as well?)

I love Sky Plus HD as it's just so simple and easy to use compared to all the other platforms, but the price was a bit too high this year and that coupled with the fact that the only fibre broadband I can currently get in my road is Virgin, so could get a better combined deal this time. 

You could find fault with both as you say, but far less with sky plus HD, and especially considering its 10 to 15 years older than the virgin 360 technology, you would expect Virgin to have ironed out all these niggly flaws

Yes it is Sky Q.

Although the V6 and 360 boxes are basically the same hardware, the software is completely different the V6 was TiVo and the 360 is Horizon software, and is still in it's early days and improvements are being added.


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Fingers crossed Virgin will send out a software update soon 🤞🤞


We're always looking at improving and expanding on our services. 

As soon as we have any new updates, we'll be raving about it here


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