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Channel Failed CS2004 keeps flashing up

Joining in

Since upgrade to 360 with 2 mini boxes, the message Channel Failed, CS2004 keeps flashing up on my TV screen,  This happened on cvsrious channels and predominanlly in evenings from around 6PM.  Roughly 10-20 times per night and also in the morning around 7-9 AM.    So far I’ve had two engineer visits and made over 20 phone calls, numerous Chats and even some emails.

My fustration is that I keep getting told there is NO problem, done all the tests and checks that I’m asked to do, even yesterday I was told they couldn’t do a check as the 360 box was not switched on, although we were watching it at the time.   I’ve had NO call backs as promised, no follow up and the agents just keep telling me different scenearios.  

Does anyone know please if there is anything that can be done to sort this out.   I’ve been with NTL/Virgin Media for over. 25 years.    Thanks in anticipation.

so far I’ve carried out more tests than a small town did during Covid.    Thank you


UPDATE:  Level 2 Engineer came today, and actually witnessed the message popping up.   He has so far swapped the 360 box, checked the cabeling all were OK.  He also said he came across the same problem in a different Post Code area yesterday and he also phoned another Engineer in a totally different area who has come across the same problem.  He also flagged this up to a higher level as this is happening a lot across various areas.   In the space of 90 minutes the Channel Failed message CS2004 popped up 9 times and again twice whilst I was typing this.

The Engineer that came seemed very competent in what he done, and was very professional in his approach.  I was advised by him  not to bother reporting for a while as “HOPEFULLY” this will be sorted out at a Higher Level.


Thanks for the update Golferbell,

Do let us know if you receive any further updates on this.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Golferbell,

How did your technician visit go, has the channel issue now cleared.



See my own post, it’s on there

Getting another visit!!!

This is still happening, mostly on, BBC2 HD, BT SPORTS 2 HD, SKY NATURE HD, SKY SPORTS GOLF HD, SKY NEWS HD and GB NEWS HD.   Could be other channels as well


Hello Golferbell.

We can see from here that you are currently getting support from our Executive Team.

Can you please keep us posted on how you get on.


It's started happening to me as well this evening on ITV1?


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you're having this issue. 

Please can you check that the cabling connected to the Virgin Media socket on the wall is secure and finger tight, including any splitters (if applicable). Also at the back of the Virgin TV box there may be a 6 inch long white connector cable, please ensure the cabling is secure here too and finger tight and that the connector cable is secure in the back of the Virgin TV box.
Finally please check if the cabling is connected tightly on all other Virgin Media equipment in the property. If so, please perform a reboot of the hub and 360 box. If this doesn't resolve the issue, we will need to get an engineer out to you. 

Keep us posted on how things go. 


Forum Team

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