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Channel 5 problems - stops and closes

On our wavelength

We having problems with most of channel 5 programs ie keeps stopping and showing problem with this channel then closing the 360 box, when watching a recording from most channel 5 same thing happened 


[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


On our wavelength

Hi having trouble with all channels on 5 while watching any channel 5,  5 action, 5 USA they keep on stopping and resetting the set top box comes up with code 2002 any ideas, done the turn off and on again on the set top box 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Steve7555,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you're having some issues with the TV. 

Can you confirm if you've rebooted the equipment? Any other channels with issues?


Tuning in

Known issue it seems, I have had similar problems with many of the 5 family of channels.

There is a general post about an issue with getting CS2002 error codes and rebooting at the top of the topics.

Ummm, look at what one of your team has posted!

On our wavelength

Hi Alex I have rebooted the equipment it is just the 5 channels it happens when watching programs live 

Thanks steve 

On our wavelength

We are having this problem too.  Near Bristol.. It says something like check your cables then it goes on to reboot the 360 box.  I dialed 150 on the phone and after the usual "press 1 for" etc it tells you to look on the web.  The web says nothing, and now I am on the community forum it seems to have changed from its past very clear menu structure to something that doesn't work very well at all.  Virgin, as in the past, make themselves hard to reach when there is a problem.  Well.....we only pay the bills after all, so don't really deserve  the chance to talk to someone who might actually listen and/or have some explanation!

Hi @Roseyhue thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

There aren't any issues on the line at the moment that could be causing this, but unfortunately we can't run checks at the moment as your box is showing offline so could you please let us know when the box is on and we can re-run the checks for you?

Many thanks


On our wavelength

Hi Tom

The 360 box is on now.

But are you saying that you have found a fault in the 360 boxes for all these other people who have the same problem? 


Hi @Roseyhue 

Can you share a video showing this please as I've not heard of this issue.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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