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Changed to hub 5 tried to upgrade to 360 and failed

Joining in

Changed hub to 5 on Sunday and Wi-Fi working. Tried to pair the new 360 control to the box but it didn’t connect. Still had apps and catch up and on demand.

Yesterday both boxes are not now working the main box next to hub keeps saying contact UNKNOWN and error M63.  The box in the bedroom just says not connected to network.  Spoke to agent last night who could not fix it and hasn’t called me back as promised.

Now tearing my hair out as tried everything suggested on the help pages, can anyone offer advice please?


Community elder

Did both boxes work OK after you switched to the hub 5 using on demand, before trying to upgrade to 360.

As far as I know M63 is an account setup problem so will need someone from Virgin to fix your problem.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Brighton1959 

Please try following the self help for 

Hopefully that will fix the problem that's preventing your box updating to 360.

If not it may mean that  there is an error on your account annd needs reconfiguring/updating.

This can sometimes be resolved by second level support, but often needs a tech visit with a new box.

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Thank you for your reply 

yes they did on Sunday evening …..we got home from work Monday and had lost the on demand. Apps etc.

They were meant to be calling me back today at 4.30 but hasn’t happened…. Will have to call them again tomorrow 😤

Thank you Dave no that didn’t sort it I will have to contact them again 

Hi Brighton1959,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with your new hub. 

I have taken a look on our side and it does look as though you have been able to speak with the team regarding this. 

Have the team been able to advise further with regards to this issue?


Good Morning 

No unfortunately not I am so disappointed with the service. It’s now Friday and the person who I was on the phone to on Wednesday for 90 minutes going over what I have already done before said it would be escalated! I want an engineer out to fix this it’s ridiculous now.

I am so frustrated we have been without all the services all week and I cannot face another frustrating phone call! Can you help in any way please?

Hi Brighton1959,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you have been facing issues with the 360 upgrade and haven't had TV all week, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have for you and can see we have raised this with the relevant team, how are things today?



Dear Paul

sorry to say but it is still exactly the same and not working. This doesn’t surprise me as I have had nothing but trouble from the moment I contacted Virgin media to take on this contract.

I have also spent 3 hours in the o2 shop today trying to sort out the mess that Virgin have made with the mobile SIM card and being charged not once but twice at a cost of £50!!!

Appalling service