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Cancel a recording

Tuning in

Can anyone tell me how to cancel a single episode due to record as part of a series link?


Community elder

I think the only way is to cancel the series link and then find the next episode you want recording and set a new series link using the advanced options and selecting the ' from this episode onwards ' option.

You could let it record and then delete it but I think it might record it again if the episode gets repeated.



Thanks for your reply. That seems a very laborious way of cancelling a recording when it was so easy on the pre-360 box. I’ll probably just let it record and then delete it.

Thanks again…

Tuning in

I agree that this aspect is very frustrating when using the 360 box and wasn't an issue with the previous issue. I, too, set up series links but don't necessarily wish to watch every future episode. For example, I have a series link for "Live: Formula 1" but only want to watch qualifying and the race itself; however, I am unable to delete all the associated activities, such as practice sessions, in advance without cancelling the series in entirety. VM, please fix in a future software update.


Thank you for your feedback on TV360. We will take this onboard and pass this on to the relevant teams for future improvement. You may also find the following link useful


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