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Cancel Upgrade


I need a phone number please to cancel an upgrade 

10 days and counting waiting for tv360 box to arrive and going round in circles trying to get answers from both Yodel and Virgin

Tracking has said out for delivery for the last 10 days 

Virgin and Yodel keep saying it will be delivered today and they deliver till 9 PM so for me to please wait  as it is being delivered “everyday”

I have a 14 day cooling off period which is slowly running out … I need to cancel this upgrade 

I need to rid myself of all this hassle and save my sanity 

Virgin kindly upgraded my account with extra tv and faster broadband … neither of which I have received , but I am never the less contracted for since 30/11

The only thing I can do to resolve this as far as I can see  is to just cancel the upgrade

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Re: Cancel Upgrade

You need to phone 150 from a Virgin phone and speak to retentions, that's the " Thinking of leaving " option, they should be able to sort something.



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