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Can’t pair remote to Sony TV

On our wavelength

Hi all

Had Virgin 360 installed today, liking it so far, but if I try pairing the remote,

Settings/Audio & Video/ Pair remote with devices

it comes up with a screen asking me to choose my device, this screen correctly shows “Pair TV Sony”

I select this, then it scans for device and preselects Sony, if I select “Start Key Testing” 

it comes up with “Let’s run a quick test, Press ‘ok’ on your Virgin remote to test Volume up”

I do this and it doesn’t work, so when it asks me if the volume went up, I select no, it searches for other devices and repeats. After 3 attempts it says “We are sorry, pairing your device didn’t work. Please try again using your device model number. If you have an old device, pairing might not work”

So I go through the Enter Device model number, it asks me for first four characters of my TV model, I do this, it asks me to try volume buttons, they don’t work, I select “No, try other devices” it does this three times, none work then it comes up with “Sorry, pairing your TV didn’t work. Please try again. If you have an old TV, pairing might not work.

My Sony model is KD-49XF9005

I tried entering different permutations as the device name, each time it said it had found a match, none of them work.

I tried KD-4, D-49, D49X, -49X, KD49, 49XF, 9XF9, XF90, F900, 9005

Worked fine with my Sky box

Any suggestions please?


Accepted Solutions

New remote was delivered 5 mins ago.

I pressed TV and 0

20 secs later a message came on the screen along the lines of “This TV is now pared with your 360 box and your Sony TV”

Sure enough, it’s controlling the volume 100% fine, so old remote was faulty.

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On our wavelength
I’ve tried pressing TV & Rewind to reset followed by TV and 0, should the light on the remote flash when either of these things are done as I get zero indication.

Also tried changing batteries and resetting/repairing

Hi @HobGoblyn 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the thread.

I am sorry for the issues with the pairing of the remote.

Please see here 👉 - this is a list of codes that should help.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @HobGoblyn 

I'm afraid the codes  on link given to you by John_GS  won't work as they are for the older Tivo/V6 boxes

The Sony model  KD-49XF9005 is a Sony Bravia TV.

Please try enter BRAV as the four digit code.

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On our wavelength

Thanks, how do I manually enter the code on a 360 remote?

Sorry, posted before I saw above post

Thanks, just tried BRAV, it didn’t work, I clicked on “No, try other devices", that also didn’t work, it didn’t give me any more tries, just said "Sorry pairing didn’t work….”

Could it be a faulty remote?

When pressing TV and Rewind for 10 secs, should I see the led flash on the remote?


I phoned Virgin, the automated system sent me a link, when I clicked on that link it said something like it couldn’t connect to to my box, then asked me to unplug and plug back in the router, followed by doing the same to the 360.

Then when I selected I still had a fault, I selected “chat”, while waiting for someone, I typed in what I’d tried, 20 mins later, connection lost, at that point I decided to phone.

Loverly polite lady, I briefly explained what I’d done, said I’d replaced battery, tried holding down TV and rewind for ten secs, followed by TV and zero.

She asked me for the serial number of the 360 box, I would have thought the serial number would already be linked to my account, anyway, I managed to get it (box wouldn’t turn over, shelf above was  about a cm too low, and cables to short to pull it out of the stand), then put me on hold, then asked me if I could try pressing TV and Zero.  I did as she asked on the off chance she had set/reset something in the box, but I suspect she was reading off a script.

Then she said she’s arranging an engineer visit and engineer will be here tomorrow between midday and 4pm to pair it for me.

I can’t complain about that, superb service, I was expecting them to send me a new remote first, but am more than happy.

Compare that with Sky, where I had been having  bad broadband problems since October, and when I phoned (the umpteenth time I’d contacted them about this fault) on Feb 8, the earliest they could get a Sky engineer out was March 7th, no contest.  I’d had TV and broadband with Sky for years with zero problems, it wasn’t so much the fault was still ongoing, it was the fact it had been going on for 5 months and they expected me to wait another month for an engineer that I decided enough was enough and I moved to Virgin.



So it got to 2:30pm, while waiting, went to the My Virgin Media page, and it said I had no appointments.

I phone up and select automated option to check my appointments. It sends a link to my phone.

I’ve clicked on the link and no appointments have been arranged.

Now through to Virgin and on hold while they look into it. 

They’ve asked if I have a 360 box and whether I want a high contrast or normal remote.

Nothing said about the non appointment, nothing said when I said my conversation yesterday must be on record as I heard her typing away.

But he was very polite, he’s ordered a new remote which should be here in 3 to 5 days.

I will keep you updated.