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Bug: Delete programme doesn’t immediately delete

I’ve found when watching a saved recording and I press the TV button near the end of the programme a pop-up asks me if I want to delete the record to which I say yes. If I then return to the list of saved recordings the programme is still shown. So I use the trash button to delete the programme which actually works. Then I return to TV by pressing the TV button and then I get a error message saying it failed to delete the recording!

It seems that the first delete prompt didn’t take effect immediately, when I then went to saved and deleted the programme it works, then on returning to TV it seemed to only then try and perform my original delete action which fails as I’ve already deleted it. 

After this error occurs the list of saved programmes will no longer load and I’m presented with an error screen. Only way to fix is to turn off and on the box. 

I can reproduce this every time. 

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