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Boxes arrived instead of remotes

I upgraded to oomph on Wednesday and was told numerous times on the phone that the update to TV 360 would be a software only update and I'd only receive 2 x 360 remotes in the post.  I was happy with this as I would keep the storage amount I had on 2 x V6 boxes.  Unfortunately yesterday a new 360 and mini box arrived.  Is there any way I'm able to keep one of my V6 boxes and return the mini? 

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Re: Boxes arrived instead of remotes

See my post on this subject and the problems we are still having.

In short a few people on this forum say it can be done

The Virgin media techs I have been speaking to say it cannot be done

My advice is, if you are happy with the Tivo system,  then stay away from 360 for as long as you can.  There still seems to be a lot of bugs in it.  From my experience if you start using the new remotes on a TiVo you WILL have to switch to 360 in the near future.



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