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Bose lifestyle 650 Remote and 360 TV upgrade

Joining in

I control all my media room TV attached devices through a Bose Lifestyle 650 Remote. Including VM Cable TV. The V6 I have is a Arris DCX series box. The system worked perfectly until a VM TV 360 upgrade was downloaded to the Arris box overnight. After the upgrade  the Bose remote can initiate the VM cable service on my Sony Bravia, it can also change sound volume but none of the other functions on the VM TV 360 system are accessible. So it’s back to 2 remotes! 

Does anyone know if the Bose system has been upgraded  to cater for the VM 360 running on an old Arris box? If so which one should I select in the Bose Set Up Device management ?

I am on the latest version of the Bose 65O lifestyle software 



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Hi SonofrichardB,

I don't know if it will work on a Bose system but Ziggo Mediabox Next works with a lot of stuff, my LG smart remote is paired using Ziggo Set-top box.



Thank you for replying so promptly.
The Ziggo, Media Next, codes were successful, partially.

I can initiate the VM service on the TV and control sound volume from the Bose 650 Lifestyle remote but still have to resort to the VM 360 remote for any other functions.

So I’m still stuck with two remotes for navigating around my media system.

So still looking for ideas and guidance. 



Hi SonofrichardB, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to forums 🙂
I am sorry you are haivng issues pairing your remote, we cannot garuntee our services will work with third party equipement.



Thank you. VM responded to my call for support.
I wondered whether a newer TV 360 cable box mght work rather than the software upgrade of the old V6 Box. 

A VM engineer turned up within 24 hrs with a new VM TV 360 Box.

The box brand is HUMAx and the model number is 1008R-HDD-VM.

That was installed yesterday and again works just fine from its own remote. The TV 360 is a massive improvement on older VM service. But it still doesn’t pair with the Bose Universal remote. 

I, subsequently, spent an hour on the phone with Bose Tech Support reviewing all my Lifestyle 650 configuration and trying various options to fix the issue. To no avail.

So until such time as the Bose Software is updated to include codes for the Humax device I will have to use separate remotes for my Home Cinema Media system. 

The addition of Disney + to TV 360 means I have one less need to change remotes to watch differing channels.

If only Apple TV + were available on TV 360 then I would be able to eliminate changing remotes altogether for TV viewing & streaming.  Is there any prospect of this happening?

Thanks again.

@SonofrichardB wrote:

The TV 360 is a massive improvement on older VM service.

In what way? It seems to me that you lose an awful lot of features and only really gain more pictures (which isn't necessarily a good thing as it just clutters up the interface) and voice control (which you wouldn't be able to use with a 3rd party remote anyway). Whereas the control over, and ability to setup, series links is far reduced (which is kind of the main purpose of the box) and you lose stuff like the incredibly useful wish-lists, undelete, skip back on fast-forward, quickplay etc.

Hi @SonofrichardB,

We're always looking to add additional content to our platform and as soon as new content is available, you'll be sure to hear about it.

Kindest regards,