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Bigger Bundle + Sports question

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Hello, just phoned virgin media and asked if i sign up for this bundle can I get Sky Sports UHD aswell as BT sport UHD, they said its included and not an payable extra add on, this isn't what i've heard elsewhere so were they telling the truth? I couldn't see anywhere an option to add the 4K channels when I clicked on the bundle to sign up online. Couldn't seem to find how to access live chat so I thought i'd ask the question here.

They also told me Gig1 always comes with the hub 5 as its necessary, is that correct?

Also I have another question, if you sign up for an O2 sim can you then change it at any point eg to a cheaper sim with less data and keep the faster broadband, or are you locked in to that particular O2 contract for the 18 months?

Many Thanks.


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The Bigger Bundle+ Sports doesn't include Sky Sports HD it only has Sky Sports SD, you would need to add the HD option which I believe is £7 a month and then add UHD. You are probably best speaking to retensions when phoning that's the "I am thinking of leaving" option, they are usually UK based and know what the options are.

You can also change your O2 Sim just give O2 a ring when you want to change. My £25 SIM recently went up to £29 so I went for the £16 Sim reduced to £13 with a £3 loyalty discount and 3 months Disney+ and Volt double data.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Evening @VM_User99999, thanks for your post on our Community Forums and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear that you've been misinformed with the details of a package you've enquired about, and a huge thanks to @roy247, for being on hand to offer the answers required.

If there's anything further you need from us, do feel free to come back to the thread, and we'll be on hand to assist where possible.

Kindest regards,