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Bigger Bundle + Sports missing Sky Sports channels in HD

Tuning in

I received my kit today, all activated and up and running but I'm missing the Sky Sports channels in HD!  Does this usually take longer than the rest of the channels to activate?


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Did you add Sky Sports HD to your package because I think you will find that the Sky HD included only refers to the non sports channels, if you check your contract it should say, you could also post a picture of your contract with personal details removed if you want the forum team to help.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The Sky Sports channels in the Bigger Bundle plus Sports are only in SD. If you want the HD version it's an additional £7 per month.  The screenshot below is from the pop up screen that appears when clicking on 'See all channels" in the Plan Details of the Bigger Bundle plus Sports on the web page showing the various bundles Clipboard01.jpg

195+ TV channels

  • Watch Netflix (if you subscribe)

Bigger bundle + SportsBigger bundle + Sports

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Tuning in

Damn, the bullet point with "Sky channels in HD" got me!

Very annoying 😡

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That's why marketing and advertising people get paid, you might be best phoning retensions that's the "I am thinking of leaving option" and if you speak to a UK based person get an upgrade to Ultimate Volt which includes Sky Sports HD, see what they offer you in UHD.


Within 14 days of installation?

How much you pay? Look at the volt bundle. Uhd  sky cinema (on demand) and sky sports uhd - do check which ch. Though is £10 add-on.


Self-install was yesterday so yes I'm in the cooling off period.  Bundle was the Bigger + Sports @ £65 as Newapollo posted above.  Think the Volt + UHD was alot more expensive.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @H4wks, and welcome back!

Sorry to hear that you've not got quite what you initially expected from the package purchased.

Do feel free to keep us updated with the call you make into our team in relation to this matter.

Kindest regards,