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BT sport ultimate - sound

Dialled in

Leeds v Newcastle and the sound keeps (8 times since 43rd min - now 46 min) cutting off for a split second but it's annoying as I don't want to use Dolby Atmos (too quite re TV speaker) and each time sound cuts I get message I have to clear.

VM problem or BT?


Dialled in

I see lots of others got it but posted in picture problem - glad pic is ok. 

The double commentary is also annoying but guess that IS BT fault for being sat so close to others.

Tuning in

VM problem. I moved over from Sky this week, and never had this issue on BT Sport Ultimate on sky

Also had the same number of occurrences as you, in the same time period

VM, please sort this out! 

Not done it 2nd half!

Moved the other commentator as well.

I see this issue is ongoing for many and VM just say resolved.

I'm guessing it's a setup problem by the broadcast team. Even a dodgy connection.

Damn 76th min sound crack again. Atmos message displayed.

Was 75.53 secs

This is incredibly frustrating VM


Still within my cooling off period so I am inclined to moving back to Sky, especially given that this issue seems to have been going on for over a year 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Oxo29, thanks for all the posts and replies on our help forum and this thread.

We're sorry to see you've been facing issues with the sound crackling while watching BT Sports Ultimate, we're eager to assist with this in the best way we can.

We've checked for area faults that may be causing this but there is none present at the moment to explain this issue.

Regarding the sound problem, is this only present on the TV box when the Atmos soundbar is switched on and connected or do you also get the same with the soundbar off/disconnected?

Have you ensured all cables are well fit and securely connected on the TV box as well as the VM wall socket (coax)?

Please, let us know of any further updates following your last post on Saturday too and if you still need our help with this.

Forum Team

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I've read the shocking bad new forum and this issue has been going on for a year.

No soundbar is installed.

The TV is an LG TV and recognises Dolby Atmos but I have Dolby Atmos turned off.

What happens is that the sound drops for a split second which results in Dolby Atmos big banner been displayed and having to ok to get rid.

The question is why does the sound not get broadcast correctly and why has it been going on a year plus? 

This is nothing to with my install internally and I'd bet nothing to do with external cable but more a transmission fault.