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BT sport ultimate - not uhd?

Dialled in

Hi, got the Man Utd match on (after Chelsea wsl gone 2 up) and the pic isn't 4k.  Also LG TV doesn't show HLG HDR  in top right or HDR picture mode in menu.

Anyone else?


Community elder

BT Sport Ultimate on Virgin isn't HDR.



But it is in 4k UHD?  Doesn't look any better than HD.  

Maybe need to change TV settings.

Community elder

Looks better than Sky Sports HD, doesn't it ?

Anything in in HDR looks so much better.


It certainly looks better than sky sports HD.  I can't stand SD or even HD for footy. Not sure if it's because of my colour blindness but in HD the pitch is just a blur of green. In UHD I can see the grass even when camera moves fast.


I've changed nothing but the picture is certainly uhd quality for real v city.