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BBC iPlayer - sign in every time

Tuning in

hi, I recently upgraded to the virgin 360 interface, and since the upgrade, every time we use iPlayer, we have to sign in.

How can I ensure we don't have to sign in everytime as it was prior to the update?



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Community elder

Hi Gasman15,

If rebooting the box didn't work make sure it's set to fast start or active start if it's set to eco mode it's like switching ithe box off at he plug so you would need to sign in again on any apps you use.


I've checked and I've got it set to fast start, and I've turned it off at the wall and waited 20 seconds and then signed back in to iPlayer but still no joy 😫

The start of things to come or it was with me.  First I lost logins like you. Then lost Internet to the box but the box diagnostics said everything was OK. Then lost all recordings when rebooting the box. All this happened over the space of 6 months. In the end had to get the box replaced. 

Thanks for coming back to us @Gasman15, are you still having the issues with the BBC iPlayer app?

Does this happen with any other of the apps on your TV box or is it just an issue with BBC iPlayer?