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Avtex soundbar

Up to speed

Just got 360 and very pleased with it so far except for the fact that it has connected to my Avtex tv but that make is not listed for connection to the soundbar which is really annoying. There was a message to say it had connected to the Avtex tv and Panasonic soundbar so I then put the model number in to no avail. Anyone had a similar issue?


Community elder

The only avtex soundbar I can see on their website is Bluetooth only so I guess that's the reason you can't pair the 360 remote to the soundbar it won't pair to any Bluetooth device it only pairs using IR except for the 360 box with RF.

If your TV and soundbar are connected using Bluetooth I assume when you use the 360 remote to control the TV volume it will control the volume on the soundbar.


The tv and sound bar are connected by HDMI. The remote turns on/turns off the tv, Virgin box and sound bar all together but there’s no sound adjustment at all. 

Have you checked the Volume keys control setting on the360 is set to TV and not any soundbar.

If you remove the soundbar does the sound play through the TV.


Thank you. Don’t quite get what you’re suggesting as I want the remote to pair with the sound bar. The sound bar is working from its original remote at the mo. 360 remote controls no sound at all. 

If avtex isn't recognised as a manufacturer when trying to pair the soundbar then you won't be able to pair the remote.

If the TV and soundbar are connected using HDMI-ARC then if the remote is correctly paired to the TV and Volume keys control is set to your TV if it's showing TV and a soundbar, then it's possible that the remote will control the soundbars volume via the TV.

Settings, Audio & video, Volume keys control. If you have the option it will be below Pair remote with devices.


Hi Gandalf2, have you tried what roy247, has suggested and has this resolved the issue?

Have things been resolved since posting or are you still having issues with this?

Kind regards, Chris. 

Thank you for trying to help. We do not have the volume keys option below Pair and the manufacturer is not on the system. 

Hi Gandalf2, thank you for returning to the thread to keep us updated! 

I just want to check - are you able to get sound out of the soundbar from the TV360, its just that you are unable to control the volume level via the TV360 remote? Also, is the soundbar connected via HDMI-ARC?

You may find this thread helpful 👉 Solved: Re: Help with sound bar - Virgin Media Community - 5011776 where other community members discuss some of their soundbar connectivity issues. There's a particularly helpful post at the bottom of the thread that includes pictures of their setup and solution. 

You may also want to check your Audio settings on the TV360 currently. You can do this via Home > Help and Settings > Settings > Network. (There are some further instructions here if needed 👉 How to change the settings on my Virgin Media box | Virgin Media Help). 

Let us know how you get on and we will be here to offer further support. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! 🌞


Hi Molly,

Yes, we have sound from the sound bar, just can’t control it from the new remote. It is connected via HDMI-ARC. 
Will have a look at what you’ve suggested but may not be back for a week as we have decorators in and the tv is going to be removed. 
Thank you for your reply.