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Audio problems solved

I have eventually solved the audio lag and/or audio dropout problem on my ex v6 box

The audio was drifting out whilst watching anything through the 360 box and I would get total failure of audio intermittently throughout programmes. A simple pause or volume alteration brought the sound back or back in sync


I carried out lots of research on this problem and realised it must be something to do with listening to audio through a soundbar or surround sound as our other box didn't have this problem and has no soundbar also the problem disappeared when sound was broadcast through TV only 


To solve both problems seemingly permanently I altered the way my sound bar was connected. Previously I had hdmi from virgin to TV and hdmi from TV to amp implementing hdmi arc sockets 


I now have connected virgin direct to amp using optical lead and hdmi to TV removing the hdmi connection from TV to amp 


This works perfectly. Sadly it means I've lost control of soundbar with virgin remote as there is no hdmi connection between them but it's better than having dropouts and or lag


What puzzles me though is why I had to alter connections when the same setup with same boxes but on v6 system worked perfectly before




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