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Audio levels

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There are often differences in volume levels from one channel to another. Sometimes slight and of no consequence but sometimes a dramatic difference in volume. I've looked to see if there is a normalisation setting but can't see one.

I have my virgin box connected to an external audio system. I don't have this problem with other audio inputs to this system, it's a virgin only thing.

Any ideas on how to fix? 




I have noticed this too. It is annoying. I don't know how to fix it. I hope someone can post a fix here.

Seems to be a change since changing over the the 360 update 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

As far as I can recall, even with the older Tivo and V6 boxes, some channels are louder than others.

It's not just channels, it's also individual programs, perhaps due to the sound format of some of the programs.

I've noticed the same when viewing via Freeview (though to a lesser extent, but that may be as I don't use it as much) and also when viewing using the satellite tuner on  my LG TV

I'm still on build version 4.43 on my 360, but haven't noticed any difference in the sound levels with any build updates.

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@dcjbillingham wrote:

Seems to be a change since changing over the the 360 update 

The problem has been around a lot longer than the 360 update. It was apparent with the V6 and the TiVo. I really hope a future update can fix this problem.