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Apps Crashing

We have an issue which seems to only (so far) affect the mini boxes we have.  When we're watching Amazon or Netflix the apps seem to crash on a fairly regular basis. When this happens the picture freezes and the box shows the Virgin Media logo for about 20 seconds and then returns to live TV (it doesn't reboot).

If you restart the app after this it usually fails again.  Only a power cycle of the box resolves the issue (sometimes only for it to happen again a short time later others for it to be fine for a good while).

It seems to happen more often with the Amazon app which stutters, pixelates, runs normally and repeats before we get the VIrgin Logo and the box returning to live TV.  Netflix just stops, displays the logo and goes to live TV.

Strangely the main box (with the HDD) seems absolutely fine.

All boxes are Humax boxes connected via ethernet to the router and we've tried changing from fast start to active start which made no difference.  The problem seemed to start after V4.28 was rolled out to the boxes and, as I said, appears to only affect the minis (not had an issue on the main box yet).


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