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Another broken tv box

Tuning in

Last week my 360 box gave up the ghost, After nearly an hour waiting to get a response on webchat I was able to book an engineer visit for this afternoon.He swopped the box for a new one and my service was restored. Or so I thought, I've just tried switching on this evening and the box is as dead as the original. Despite trying out all the so called fixes iincluding  + and on switch it dosnt respond, I cant even get the welcome screen showing. Can admin help? My contracts up for renewal soon , I cant see myself renewing.


Community elder

If both boxes were completely dead it's possible the power supply has an intermittent fault or connection.


There is a red light continuously showing on the box so it has power.

Might be quicker to phone in, the forum team can take 2 to 3 day's to respond unless you are lucky.


Or I might just cancel the whole lot as retentions seem to be the only number you can get through to quickly. I've only got a month left on my contract and Community Fibre have just connected our area and have some good deals going.

When you phone in don't press any of the options offered and you should be put in a queue to speak to someone, calling at 8am when they open the lines should be quickest.


update. phoned this morning, after being cut off twice I finally got through, explained the problem and told them I had done all the troubleshooting. Very unhelpful. Wouldnt send an engineer out.

Looks like I will be cancelling

Thats poor.  Maybe the forum team can book an engineer visit?

I managed to book a visit via the app, I’ve just spoken to the engineer who fitted the new box. He,s coming back this afternoon. Fingers crossed

Hi pjskipper, 

Thanks for popping back to the Community and posting about the issues you have been having with your 360 box. 

Taking a look at this end I can see there is an open area fault causing issues so this would be why the team over the phone would have been unable to book you a visit. In case you're having some issues I've put the details of the fault below: 

➡ Fault reference number: F010418164

➡ Estimated fix time: 06 FEB 2023 09:55

➡ Description: Status report  ||  You might find that your Virgin Fibre, Voice and Virgin TV services are intermittent, with the picture freezing or disappearing now and then. We are sorry and our engineers are working hard to resolve this for you.

Since posting can you let us know how things have been and whether the engineer was able to return to resolve things for you? 

Pop back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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